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I would like to share....

2 years back my brother got a dream or he can express like my soul travels...... Hazarth Jabrial A.S came and took me to Jerusalem ( He fly with him without any equipment ) from there both went straight up into the sky then Hazarth Jabrial stop at one point, when he stops he saw him, he fold his wings in horizontal way . then he went up... there our prophet Hazarth Mohammed s.a.w was standing....He and our prophet had some serious discussion for a long... He dont remember any discussion only he remember that at last he said " yes"(by shaking head) i will do. then he came back ....home

After coming back he don't know what he have to do.... He did'nt know the command given by our Prophet Hazarth Mohammed s.a.w told him to do .At present he is working in KSA.

My brother think that its just a dream......but..... which was he saw and all scenarios and feelings its true. he is totally confused.

My Question is weather its a dream or real.

(For Istekhara purpose)...My brother name usyed omera farooq(syed Rehan Hussain) .. mother name syeda munawar khatoon ,,,father name syed Asrar hussain


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