Shiekh-ut-Tafseer, Ustad-ul-Hadith, Hazrat Maulana Mufti Muneer Ahmed Akhoon (DB) has studied Ifta (Issuing Islamic Legal Verdicts) under the highest ranking scholars of our time. His unique perspective in solving the most complicated issues of modern times comes from his ancestral family background of knowledge and wisdom. The foremost among them was his father Imam-ut-Tafseer, Muhadiss-e-Kabeer Qutub-ul-Asr Hazrat Maulana Mufti Niaz Muhammad Khutani Turkistani (Nawwarallah Marqadahu). 

Hazrat Mufti Muneer Akhoon (DB) has been issuing Fatwa for resolving the problems of the Muslims since the past 20 years, and has answered more than 25,000 questions. Looking at the unique challenges that the Muslims face living in these modern times especially in the western countries, Hazratji launched the Darul Ifta Khatm-e-Nubuwwat. Several important Fatawa have been issued that have resolved the most intricate matters.  The most significant are:

Fatwa on Global Moon Sighting making Mecca as the base: Every Muslim living in the west has experienced the conflicts arising at the commencement of Ramadhan and Eid. The holiest of our occasions have been marred by bickering and arguments arising among ourselves on deciding the beginning and ending of the holy month of Ramadhan and celebrating Eid. These conflicts had spread out so extensively that every Masjid, Musallah, and household has experienced its negative effects. To such an extent that within the same family people were divided on this issue, and the entire occasion of Ramadhan and Eid was getting ruined. Looking at this appalling situation Hazrat Maulana Mufti Muneer Ahmed Akhoon (DB) took revolutionary action and wrote a 14 page comprehensive Fatwa to highlight the root cause of this problem and its inevitable solution of Global moon sighting, from the Quran, the 29 Ahadith of Prophet Muhammad (Sal’Allahu Aleyhe Wasalm), the consensus of the three great Imams, especially Imam-e-Azam Imam Abu Hanifa (RA), and numerous scholars of all major sects.

Alhumdulilah! After the publication of this fatwa it got an endorsement from scholars from all around the world. Its implementation in 2011 has given a new spirit of joy and has been a breath of relief to the Muslims living in the west. Entire states have unified by acting according to this fatwa and have praised the efforts of Hazrat Mufti Muneer A. Akhoon for taking such a bold step.

Other important fatawa are:

  • Fatwa on the criteria for Niqab/ Veil
  • Fatwa on raising hands for Dua after Salah
  • Fatwa on doing Massah on regular socks
  • Fatwa on the Legal Islamic status of using Taweez and Amulets
  • Fatwa on offering twenty Rakah of Salahtul Taravee
  • Fatwa on Esaal-e-Sawaab