The Muslim Society of Social Awareness (M.S.S.A) is an umbrella organization of Al-Muneer Foundation New York. The goal of MSSA is to provide a solid social platform to North American Muslims from all walks of life to come forward and participate fully in social aspects of their communities and show our American fellow citizens the beautiful and true colors of Muslim society and culture.

The Muslim Society of Social Awareness seeks skills, knowledge, time, and efforts of Muslim professionals, youth, women, and senior citizens to bridge the social gap between Muslims and other communities.

The following are some areas and projects MSSA members will be involved in from time to time. Your involvement is requested. Please register and ask your friends and family members to be a part of the MSSA mission.

  • Education and Information: This would typically involve workshops, classes, courses that are relevant to anything that Muslim and other communities would be interested in.
  • Social Networking: This can take the form of social events, networking dinners and events. The purpose of these would be to provide the platform for Muslim community to get to know each other and other communities.
  • Charity and Community Work: This involves performing charity work in conjunction with charity, community and humanitarian organizations. Muslim community members are keen on getting involved on hands on projects- these can be arranged through the network

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